Blizzard Mania Sparks Right-Things, Right-Now Marketing (2 Case Studies)


THIS is what you need to do to connect with your people (supporters, prospects, partners, staff, leadership and volunteers all) and move them to take the actions you need.

Take newsjacking one step further—to integrate what’s going on inside of your peoples’ heads—as well as in the world around them and you, to focus your marketing messages, format, channel and delivery time. Here’s a great example…

Friday was tough here in the Northeast. The real blizzard was still en route but the pelting ice outside made outside play impossible. Every child I know was yearning for snow and, with school closed or cut to a half day, sick of being stuck inside. Ugh!

So when this tweet and the email below crossed my lens, I thought, “Wow, these folks really get me. And if they get me, I’m more interested in what they have to say.” (post continues below email)

Right Things Right-Now Marketing

Both of these messages promised future relief. That’s what I needed to here—they were perfectly attuned to mindset of the moment for parents like me, closeted with hyped-up kids on a snow day without snow, tired of winter and eager for it all to change.

These messages worked like magnets because the marketers behind them newsjacked the storm, then combined that perspective with insights (from research and gut instinct) into their audiences’ (or the parent segment at least) needs and immediate point of view. BINGO, they got us at this open-minded moment!

You can do it too. Start with this framework for right-things, right-now nonprofit marketing, and I’ll guide you forward from there.

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