Bring Your Experience to Your Community (Case Study: Curtis Institute)

In today’s experiential world, showing, rather than telling, is a powerful way to increase your organization’s credibility and boost your connection with your base. Take a look at how these organizations invite supporters behind the scenes to strengthen these crucial relationships.

I’m a huge fan of behind the scenes, but was thrilled to be introduced to the flip side of this strategy via the Curtis Institute’s Facebook posts on its Random Acts of Culture.

Curtis is a highly-selective music school, based in Philadelphia. Historically, the school has done a great job opening itself up to the community (and building a strong base of support) via frequent free or low-charge concerts at Curtis and other cultural venues throughout the city.

Recently, in response to the Knight Foundation’s Random Acts of Culture program, Curtis students have been bringing their music to the community—performing in parks, Ikea, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and other venues. Can’t get easier than that (and the easier you make it for your network to you support your organization, the more likely that support is). Check out one of my favorite performances here.

Knight designed the program to provide shared community experiences, and to spur these ad hoc audiences to attend traditional performances—a boost for performing arts overall.  Equally important is the huge value this campaign brings to Curtis, which has remained a bit of a secret in Philadelphia despite its huge contribution to the community for 90 years. By performing for people who may not know the Curtis concerts, or hear much live classical music, these Curtis students motivate those who respond positively to the experience to get more of it! Not so random, but extremely productive.

How can you bring the experience of your organization’s impact to your supporters? Please share your ideas and practices here.

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