Time Your Nonprofit Marketing Outreach for Greatest Impact

Timing is everything. It’s the gatekeeper to having even a chance of connecting with your target audiences.

If you do connect with your network at the right time – when they are open minded – you have a good chance of motivating action (assuming your messaging clearly conveys the values and interest you share with network members, and the benefit the action will bring to them). If it all comes together, your network will pause, listen and is most likely to act.

But if you connect with your network members at a time when their minds are closed – when they’re getting their kids ready for school, prepping to deliver a key presentation, gobbling lunch or about to finish up for the day – your outreach will fall flat, no matter how well it’s crafted.

That’s why knowing your target audiences’ daily habits and schedule is central to engaging them. You need to pinpoint their open-minded moments.

Here are the step-by-step how-tos for you. Put timing to work now! It’s a low-cost, low-to-moderate time investment that generates great ROI (return on investment).

Nancy Schwartz in Strategy | 1 comment

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