Timing is Everything in Nonprofit Marketing

Hunger-Free Families: Tell 10. That’s the subject line of the email I just received from one of my favorite local charities — The Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

It’s two days before Thanksgiving and food is top of mind for most of us, whether we’ll be cooking it or just eating it. So it’s the perfect time to be prompted to consider those who don’t have food.

The timing makes it easy for us to visualize the gap between our coming Thanksgiving feast, and the probable Thursday dinner of those in need. There’s no better moment to be asked to help close the gap.

What are the perfect moments to motivate your network to act? If you have a list, please share it with the Getting Attention community. If you don’t, it’s the perfect moment to build that calendar now!

My only suggestion to Community Food Bank – ask me for my donation right up top, along with asking me to share my story.

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Nancy Schwartz in Strategy | 0 comments

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