Your Nonprofit Marketing To-Do List Can Up Your Productivity & Satisfaction

Last Friday, like every Friday, I ended the workday by composing a to-do list for the following week. That way when I jump in Monday morning, I waste no time figuring out what to focus on. I  just dig in.

Consider trying this yourself. As classic a tool as the to-do list is, many professionals don’t use it. But from what I hear from you, most nonprofit communications folks are strapped for time. You feel overwhelmed by all you have to complete with not-enough time or hands.  A to-do list will help.

My list structures each day (particularly important for those of us who telecommute), showcases what I’ve accomplished and emphasizes what should come next. Of course it’s adjusted daily as project characteristics and client priorities evolve.

The biggest challenge I have is being realistic–breaking down large projects into discrete tasks that can be “checked off the list” which generates a motivating sense of satisfaction. Too often I’m overambitious and then when to-dos aren’t checked off, I feel like a failure. Still working on that.

Take three minutes to view this pithy video guide to shaping a to-do list that’ll increase your productivity and satisfaction.

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