What Tops Your Marketing “To-Do” List for Q4? — Nonprofit Blog Carnival Wants to Know

What Tops Your Marketing To-Do List for Q4 -- Nonprofit Blog Carnival Wants to Know

Like most of you, I’m sure, I’m sharply focused on my top three my priorities for Q4 2009. And I’m wondering what tops your list. Where should experimentation into social marketing fall? How about honing the relevance of your messaging? Are you cutting back on reach or expanding to engage new audiences?

I’m hosting the always-provocative Nonprofit Blog Carnival here next week, and want to hear from you — whether you are a nonprofit staff member or consultant to nonprofit organizations — on this key issue.

If you write a blog post this week that fits, please send the permalink to me by Friday COB, September November 25th at nonprofitcarnivalATgmail.com or via the Blog Carnival form.

P.S. If you’re daunted by marketing planning, break it down into more approachable 90-day chunks. Learn how here: How to Do Grand Plan Marketing 90 Days at a Time (Case Study)

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