Who’s the Chief Performance Officer for Your Org’s Marketing?

Who's the Chief Performance Officer for Your Org's MarketingObama just named Nancy Killefer as first-ever Chief Performance Officer on the White House staff. According to the Change.gov post, Killefer will be tasked with pinpointing "new and more efficient ways of getting the job done."

It's a no-brainer that effectiveness is the name of the game, and efficiency is a big piece of the effectiveness puzzle. But when was the last time you evaluated the impact of your org's marketing agenda, adjusted accordingly, measured again and so on — on an ongoing basis.

Last time I checked, only 37% of nonprofits track marketing impact. But without that data, you're just driving blind. Here's more on what I learned about the black hole of tracking nonprofit marketing performance. It's pretty shocking. 

I recommend you follow Obama's lead and name a Chief Performance Officer (CPO) today for your organization's marketing. You need a single owner to make it work. Lots of folks can help, but your CPO needs to have impact top of mind every morning, every day. Planning too, because planning and impact are two sides of the same coin.

BTW, you can get free, practical guidance on evaluating your communications in Are We There Yet?, written by evaluation experts at Asibey Consulting and just published by the Communications Network. The guide leads readers through a nine-step process to learn how to monitor and measure  communications.

P.S. Here's the full Getting Attention article series on communications planning and evaluation.

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