Rest Up for Your Year-End Run

Relax and rejuvenate yourself this week, in preparation for your run to the finish!

The five weeks post-Thanksgiving are your most intense time of the year. Get prepared to tackle these five must-dos:

  1. Connect with donors and prospects to drive more gifts into 2012 while goodwill, and the end of the tax year, is top of mind.
  2. Thank your base every way you can. This is an all-org agenda, so ask and train your colleagues how (and when) to share their thanks.
  3. Ask your network to update you on what’s most important to them right now. Get on the phone or send an email as soon as you receive a program registration, donation or volunteer sign-up and ask what motivated that action. Talk to your supporters whenever and wherever you can to get clarity on their priorities.
  4. Analyze your 2012 marketing and fundraising results data in the context of your org goals
  5. Identify the right things to focus your marketing time, effort and budget on for 2013, drawing on your listening to your base, reviewing your org goals and refining your 2012 approach to be a better match with those wants and needs.

What’s on your year-end to-do list? Please share your list here.

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