Clear, Pithy Taglines Work — Here’s a Great Example from Share Our Strength

Clear, Pithy Taglines Work -- Here's a Great Example from Share Our StrengthAs a daily NPR listener, I’m always intrigued to hear how nonprofit organization sponsors use their 15 seconds of airtime to promote their causes, and to motivate action. And I’ve never heard a better (yes, a few have been equally good) than this one from Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline program heard last week on NPR:

  • Helping families in need get better nutrition on a budget

Bingo! Here why this tagline works so well:

  • Specific — Tells listeners what’s unique about SOS’ contribution to the war on hunger — better nutrition, on a budget — for a specific audience (families in need)
  • Articulates a Positive Impact — Helping families
  • Brief
  • Clear
  • Accessible to all.

Does your tagline (organizational or for a particular program) fit these criteria? If not, consider reworking it today. Few words have more power.

More tips on crafting a strong tagline here and here.

P.S. Here’s my take on how the American Psychological Association can get more out of their 15 seconds on NPR.

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