How Can Nonprofit Marketers — Strapped by Limited Time and $ — Stay on Top of Marketing Skills, Trends and Best Practices?

I’m hosting next week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, and eagerly await your blog posts on the bestcarnival
professional development resources for nonprofit marketers, and your strategy for sustaining your learning, inspiration and information sharing in the field.

There’s so much going on in the marketing arena.But it’s difficult for nonprofit marketers — strapped more than most in terms of time and budget — to keep the professional development coming.Even if time and money weren’t issues, there’s not that much available — print-wise, conference-wise, otherwise — on nonprofit marketing.

Yes, there’s lots to learn from “general” marketing content, but still there’s the challenge of time and cost. So:

  1. How do you keep yourself learning, stimulated and networked?
  2. What’s the mix of training, online and print content, conferences, networks (in person and/or online), memberships, etc. that you count on now?
  3. What are the top three elements you’d like to add — if time and budget allowed?
  4. What’s your strategy — how do you pursue these opportutnities in the middle of everything else?
  5. If you could create the professional development source of your dreams, what would it be?  I dream of an online professional development network for nonprofit communicators– with online community, training, in-person meetings, and more. (Worry not, I have other
    dreams too, about   Hawaii, scuba diving, my daughter jumping high in the air and laughing, laughing, laughing…)

Here’s what to do:

1. Some time between now and Saturday noon (EST), March 24th, load your post, or select one from the recent past that fits the bill.

2. Then send me your post’s URL (the post permalink, not the blog’s URL) at [email protected]

3. On the afternoon of Monday, March 26th, I’ll post the carnival.  I’ll comment on, and link to, the most relevant 7 posts submitted.

Being part of this carnival is a great way to boost traffic and be found by new readers.  In the weeks my posts have been featured, I’ve seen a modest but persistent increase in traffic. In addition, I’ve found it refreshing to be motivated by colleagues to think and comment.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,

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