How to Craft a Tagline that Connects and Motivates – In an Instant, For the Long Term

Your nonprofit’s message platform is the most powerful marketing tool you have, enabling you to connect with what’s important to your target audiences quickly and effectively. And your tagline is at the heart of your message platform, conveying the essence of the impact of your work, in eight words or less.

When you craft the right tagline, based on getting to know your network (current and prospective) and what’s they want then finding the sweet spot that matches what your organization wants, it’s powerful–Attention-grabbing, motivational and easy to remember and repeat.

UNCF introduced its tagline (A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste) decades ago, but it still stirs my heart and my mind!

“Aha” was my reaction when I saw this ad in The New York Times this morning. That’s an effective tagline does for your organization. This tagline is so on target, specific yet flexible, it will work for UNCF as long as the organization continues to focus on opening opportunities for higher education (or even, more broadly, personal development).

There’s huge potential for your organization to do better with your tagline. Just 18% of nonprofit organizations rate their taglines as effective.
Here’s a great place to start, available for your use at no charge….

1) All-New Tagline Databasewith organizational, program, fundraising campaign, and special event taglines:

  • Get ideas on ways to integrate a specific word or phrase into your tagline.
  • Be inspired and guided in shaping your organization’s messages by the taglines of organizations like yours.
  • Brainstorm on how to strengthen your program messaging by reviewing program taglines of other organizations.
  • Breakthrough your paralysis in naming (or re-naming) your organization by reviewing names of other organizations in your field.

2) 2011 Nonprofit Tagline Report
Your guide to high-impact taglines: 10 have-tos, 6 deadly sins–what not to do, what makes a winning tagline and more.

A strong tagline is a potent tool.

  • Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to strengthen your connection with your base, who have the power to  move your mission forward.
  • Make it easy for them to remember and repeat why their friends and family should donate, volunteer, advocate….for your organization.

Be inspired and guided by 4,800+ nonprofit taglines and the guide to making yours great: Get free access here!

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