No Piglets or Puppies (Part 1)


Part Two

Adorable! Few of us can resist photos like this one, which is why you see so many organizations communicating cute.

But if your organization doesn’t have piglet or puppy photos to share, what can you do? Assess what makes these photos so magnetic, then share some of that.

Think back on how many photos of pets, vacation sunsets and teens headed for the homecoming dance you’ve seen in the last few months. We’ve been sharing photographs like these for a long time, way before Facebook and Instagram.

That’s because cute photos are upbeat, non-threatening, and a welcome change from words, words, words. They’re a quick way to share the most human of experiences, and even if you don’t have pets, kids or vacation takeaways to share, it’s easy to appreciate someone else’s. That’s what makes piglet and puppy photos work as shortcuts to connection.

Which leads me to this why-didn’t-I-think-of-it litmus test for compelling content, from Drew Barnard, founder and CEO of ActionSprout:
Before you post anything, ask yourself, ‘Would I share this with family and friends?’ ‘Do I want this piece of content associated with my Facebook persona?’ If the answer is ‘no’, go back to the well and create or curate something new.”

Make sure your organization’s photos are something you’d share with your family and personal friends, and you’re far more likely to make a connection.

Part 2: Two ways to connect BETTER than piglets or puppies

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