Visual Storytelling: Powerful Connector for Your Nonprofit

Video, infographics, still photography, and even a t-shirt or cap featuring your call to action are all examples of visual media nonprofits are using to tell stories in powerful ways! When executed well, they cut through the clutter and leave a mental image that resonates and is remembered. Take this:

I had several meetings in the city (New York City, that is) yesterday, and was astonished to walk up to this compelling infographic on the side of a bus shelter. Wowza! BoostUp, an organization that promotes the impact of mentoring and engage potential mentors, uses the Empire State Building, one of the iconic NYC images, to illustrate it’s point). And because they’re conveying magnitude, it’s an ideal image—especially when used giant-sized like this.

(In case you’re not familiar with infographics, they are a graphic translation of a message that’s based in data or numbers. I’ve “pinned” some social media and nonprofit marketing infographics at top left here on Pinterest, my online bulletin board—and another visual storytelling channel). Infographics are totally trendy, but there’s real value there, as you see here.

I urge you to integrate visual storytelling into your organization’s communications. It’s a refreshing, fun and effective way to convey your most important information. Remember though, include your call to action as BoostUp’s done here.

How are you using visual storytelling? What’s working, and what’s not? Please share your guidance and comments here.

If you’re not using it, what’s getting in your way? Please let us know here.

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