2 Ways to Build Digital Storytelling Skills

TechSoup Digital StorytellingHere are two absolutely irresistible (and free) ways to build your storytelling and video skills.

1) Jump into the free training offered right now with the Tech Soup Digital Storytelling Challenge, and submit your video by April 30.

Ready to change the world with a story? So is TechSoup, which is dedicated to providing your nonprofit, library, or charity with the resources it needs to tell its story.

Participate in these no-charge interactive trainings (listed below) to learn valuable storytelling and production skills, then create your own story to enter the challenge by April 30.

April 11: Webinar: From Creation to Consumption (register)
April 16: Tweet Chat: Storytelling Around the World
April 17: Google+ Hangout: Meet the Judges!
April 18: Webinar: Storytelling of All Sizes (register)
April 23: Tweet Chat: Storytelling and Social Sharing
April 24: Google+ Hangout: Winners’ Circle!

2) Review some of the best nonprofit videos via the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards
Take 20 minutes to review these videos and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, plus get some great ideas for telling your organization’s stories, via video and other channels.

I urge you to jump into both opportunities now. And let me know how it goes!

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