3 Ways a Powerful Tagline Benefits Your Nonprofit

3 Ways a Powerful Tagline Benefits Your NonprofitAs I’m writing the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Report, based on our recent survey, I’ve been thinking hard about what a strong tagline does for your nonprofit.

After obsessively reviewing the 1,100 taglines submitted, I’ve pinpointed three key benefits you’ll get from a powerful tagline. It:

  1. Unifies your nonprofit’s wide array of program, product and service offerings
  2. Conveys your org’s unique brand promise*
  3. Clarifies what drives your nonprofit.

The Foundation Center‘s tagline — Knowledge
to Build On
— delivers all three. It encompasses the Center’s broad range of offerings (from databases, to training to libraries to membership programs), focuses attention on knowledge (the organization’s main driver) and conveys the Center’s brand promise.

Take a look at your organization’s tagline (if you have one, only 72% of nonprofits do). If it’s not delivering this benefits, it’s problem time to get out the drawing board.

*Definition of brand promise:  Your brand promise — and your organization really should have one — ensures your integrity of identity and lasting value to your base and other stakeholders. It’s a core element of a strong nonprofit brand, and helps to build and secure long-term relationships with key audiences based on knowledge and trust. 

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