Yes, Rosemary-There Is a 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Program

2010 Nonprofit Tagline AwardsRosemary Roussil, Development Officer at the Metropolitan Washington Ear, emailed me yesterday. She  was eager to know if we were running a 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Program.

Rosemary had perfect timing, as I was just finalizing the 2010 awards program and report schedule… I’m pleased to tell you that we’ll be opening up this year’s awards for entry in late June.  It’s an annual program now, especially because in these times your tagline is more important than ever — it’s the hands-down briefest and most effective way to communicate your organization’s identity and value.

Last year’s 1,350 award entries were a bounty of skillful messaging and I expect these year’s entries to be equally strong.  Take a look at the 2009 nonprofit tagline award winners; they are powerful models for your organization’s tagline (and overall messaging).

I’m excited about this year’s awards program. We’ll be introducing a couple of new award categories – to be announced at awards launch – and welcoming a stellar panel of judges who will select the tagline finalists to be voted on.

To ensure you hear when the awards are open for business, join the Getting Attention e-update list today. I’m looking forward to opening day – just a few weeks away.

P.S. Thanks Rosemary, for nudging me to set the stage!

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