Download Free 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report — For Messaging that Connects even in Tough Times

Download Free 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report -- For Messaging that Connects even in Tough TimesNonprofits have a major branding problem in weak taglines. Taglines
are the best way to succinctly convey nonprofits' value, but 7 in 10
nonprofits rate their taglines as poor or don't have one at all.

The just-released 2009 report, based on 1,700 2009 tagline award entries and recent survey responses from 1,900 of your colleague nonprofit communicators, shows that most nonprofits don’t have an organizational tagline that works to make their organizations’ value clear, and easy to remember and repeat.

A highly-effective nonprofit tagline model (and one of the 13 winners of the 2009 tagline awards) is Because the earth needs a good lawyer from Earthjustice. Earthjustice capitalizes on what people do understand–-that a lawyer protects rights–-and uses that framework to dramatically position its role and impact in the environmental movement. And it does so with humor. If your tagline makes people smile or light up, without stepping on your message, then you’ve made an emotional connection…Bravo.

A strong tagline complements your org's name to convey its unique value or impact with personality, passion and commitment. If you fail to make the most of your tagline, you throw that opportunity away.

Dig into this free updated guide to learn:

  • Why a Nonprofit’s Name Isn’t Enough
  • How a Strong Tagline Benefits Your Organization – Useful for developing support among colleagues and leadership
  • The 10 Have-Tos for Successful Taglines
  • Using  Words that Work
  • The 7 Deadly Sins, 9 Snores and 5 Best Ways to Antagonize Your Audience  – What not to do
  • Research, Create, Revise, Test, Repeat – The right steps to take to craft a potent tagline
  • Over 2,500 Nonprofit Tagline Examples to put to work for message brainstorming.

Download the 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report here. When you do, you'll automatically be added to the mailing list for info on the 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Award Program.

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