Join Me Tues. 11/10 in NYC : How to Craft a Potent Tagline for Your Org, Program or Campaign

Join Me Tues 1110 in NYC How to Craft a Potent Tagline for Your Org, Program or CampaignYes We Can!  When a powerful tagline is joined to a compelling mission…nothing is impossible!

Learn how to tell your story in 8 words or less in this hands-on workshop on Tuesday, November 10th, 9:30-1PM at NYC's Support Center for Nonprofit Management. Just a couple of seats are left, so register now!

The power of the just-announced 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Award winners emphasize that a tagline is a terrible thing to waste. Avoid that by learning what makes a strong tagline work and the seven deadly sins to avoid like the plague, both richly illustrated by nonprofit examples. After
you work on your tagline and run it through a new diagnostic tool, we’ll open the tagline clinic for Q&A. Hope to see you there!

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