Lending for Change — 700th Entry in 2009 Tagline Awards — Enter Your Tagline Today

Lending for Change -- 700th Entry in 2009 Tagline Awards -- Enter Your Tagline TodayI love this tagline from The Loan Fund, an alternative lender in New Mexico. It's as short as you can get, but informative and memorable. The staff there has done a terrific job in shaping a pithy message that showcases not just what they do, but the impact of the organization's work (which clearly differentiates it from other lenders).

But when I jumped to The Fund's Web site, I saw that it's using a different tagline all over the site — "Building Communities Since 1989."  Yikes,  that's a cardinal sin of tagline use. Here's the 7th "don't" from the 2008 Nonprofit Tagline Report:

7. Don’t put two or more taglines to work. If you do, you’re doing everything you
can to undermine your organization’s brand. As a result, your audiences won’t get to
know or pass the word on your organization. Instead, they’ll be annoyed and confused.

Nonetheless, Lending for Change is a strong example of how powerful a tagline can be. It's one of your most effective marketing tools. But the 2008 GettingAttention.org tagline survey showed that 72% of orgs don't have a tagline, or rate theirs as performing poorly. GettingAttention.org is trying to change that!

Take 3 minutes to ENTER your tagline today! When you do, you'll automatically get a free copy of the fully-updated 2009 Nonprofit Tagline Report.

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