Simply Powerful: American Liver Foundation’s Tagline Featured in Org’s Welcome Voicemail

Simply Powerful American Liver Foundation's Tagline Featured in Org's Welcome VoicemailI’ve been all tagline all the time lately, fueled by the flood of responses to the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Survey. Over 1,370 folks have responded to date (still waiting to hear from you), sharing their experiences and taglines.

So I was astonished (positively) when I returned a call from long-time client Lenore Neier, VP of marketing at the American Liver Foundation (ALF). I was routed through ALF’s main switchboard, and treated to this succinct and unusually informative welcome message:  Thanks for calling the American Liver Foundation, the nation’s leading organization in the fight against liver disease and hepatitis.

What’s astounding is that more organizations don’t incorporate their taglines into their main phone greetings, be they human or voicemail format. It’s a simple, powerful, free opportunity to clearly define your organization to a captive audience. It’s one of the the best nonprofit marketing tactics out there (assuming your tagline is dead on).

Call your organization’s main number today, and listen carefully.

It’s easy to make it better, today.

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