Stronger Messages Here: Q&As from My Chronicle of Philanthropy Tagline Clinic

Stronger Messages Here Q&As from My Chronicle of Philanthropy Tagline ClinicScan this conversation on nonprofit market messages that matter (won’t take you more than 15 minutes) to learn more about how to strengthen you org’s tagline, and other marketing messages.

You’ll see many examples (many participants served up their taglines for a productive critique) that’ll help you strengthen your tagline, like this one:

Question from Angie, Large Non-profit
Our tagline is “Organizing Resources for Social Change and Economic Independence” but we seem to do better marketing individual programs (most without specific taglines) rather than the agency as a whole. How can we tie in the “big draws” of the cause-specific programs” to get the agency on the radar of the private donor?

My Answer
Angie, you are facing a very common challenge.

Your organizational tagline is built around well-meaning language that is way too abstract. It’s hard for anyone to grasp the value of “organizing resources” (sounds very removed), or even the realms in which you work (social change and economic independence) which are intangible and so long-term.

It works best to put imagery/content that conveys your org’s impact or value — how does your work change the life of an individual. Make it accessible, and memorable, and avoid jargon at all costs.

Start the revision process by taking the essence (impact is a great place to start) of the cause-specific programs, ID the common themes and convey them in a single, brief organizational tagline that is all about your org’s value in the fields in which you work! That’ll ensure you engage your base where it counts.

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