The Best Ever How-to Book on Storytelling–Storytelling: Branding in Practice

I just finished Storytelling: Branding in Practice, an incredible guide to storytelling, by practitioners (Fog, Budtz, and Yakaboylu, to be precise) for practitioners.

As you probably know, organizational story telling is one of the keys to my communication planning methodology. It’s an incredibly powerful way to identify the key strategies and strengths on which you’ll build your menu of tactics.

What’s different about this guide is the anecdotes and case studies the authors provide to illustrate their approach. These real-life stories (aha!) make it easy to understand the power of storytelling. Yes, only one of the case studies is about nonprofit storytelling (by GRACE, the Global Resource Center for the Environment–which used storytelling to boost the impact of their public education campaign on the health and environmental risks of factory farming), but the balance of examples are easy to apply to nonprofit messaging.

Storytelling: Branding in Practice
is best consumed as a whole, but some of the most interesting chapters are: Authentic Raw Material for Story Telling, Story Telling in Management, When Story Telling Becomes Dialogue and Tearing Down the Walls. Most importantly, the authors answer these crucial questions:

  • Why tell stories anyway?
  • What makes a good story?
  • How do you tell your stories to support your nonprofit brand?

This book is both wise and practical and I recommend it to anyone who has to think about, and convey, the big picture of their nonprofit. Buy your copy today to infuse your nonprofit’s brand and messages with the power of storytelling.

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