The University of Dallas’ Tagline Really Rocks — Here’s Why

The University of Dallas' Tagline Really Rocks -- Here's Why

Can’t get much better than this — The Catholic University for Independent Thinkers.

Here’s why. The tagline:

  1.  Adds critical info missing from the university’s name (that it’s Catholic). Many Catholic colleges/universities are clearly Catholic (i.e. St. John’s).
  2. Builds understanding of its unique value for prospective students — the university’s open-minded and intellectually curious community, which may not be assumed of an ecclesiastical institution. It provides some surprise value.

Remember, your organization’s tagline has to complement its name and should enrich your base’s understanding or engagement in what its doing. Does yours?   

Your name, and the few words that comprise your tagline, are more important to your nonprofit marketing impact than any other. Unfortunately, 72% of nonprofits rate their taglines as ineffective, or don’t have one at all.

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