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With these organizational, program, fundraising campaign, and special event taglines, you’ll:

  • Breakthrough your paralysis in crafting a tagline or name for your organization or program by reviewing models in your field.
  • Brainstorm on how to strengthen your program messaging by reviewing program taglines of other organizations,
  • Get ideas on ways to integrate a specific word or phrase into your tagline.

Nonprofit Tagline Report
Your guide to high-impact taglines: 10 have-tos, 6 deadly sins, what makes a winning tagline and more.

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Your Report Answered All My Messaging Questions

“Your report was so engaging, I dropped everything I was doing to skim it and could not resist brainstorming 8 or 10 possibilities for my organization, all by myself.

Our tagline is descriptive but generic, yet I wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong or how to come up with something better – and beyond that, how to explain to my Exec Director and Trustees why we even need a new/improved tagline.

In just minutes, your report answered all these questions AND inspired me to get started without delay.”

– Development Director with a stealth branding agenda, Human Services Agency, NJ

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