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3 Experts Share Secrets of Effective Branding in a Social Media World -- 09NTC Talk about a branding brain trust!  I had the pleasure of designing, and participating in, today’s NTC session starring nonprofit communicators Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation; Felicia Carr, National Parks Conservation Association; and Wendy Harman, American Red Cross. Common denominator here, beyond marketing expertise, is that all three women are all boldly plunging forward into the wild west of social media.

Danielle, Felicia and Wendy shared their org’s brand definition, the challenges they’ve found in moving that brand into the social media world where there’s absolutely no control of what’s said about you or your org, and the strategies they’re putting to work to deal with those challenges. Out takes as follows…

The issue is this:

  • As the nonprofit landscape gets increasingly complex, money and attention are tighter than ever.
  • At the same time, as your org/issue is discussed on multiple communications channels, it’s critical that your brand (what your org’s unique impact/value is, ideally conveyed by your base and/or folks whose lives your org effects) is tightly focused and succinctly and memorably conveyed.
  • That’s what it takes to ensure your base can easily share it with friends and family, and ups the chance that you’ll engage your base’s network over time.

The answer is…
Looking for the next best thing to being there? Download the cliff notes version for must dos, don’t dos and what we dids from Wendy, Danielle and Felicia. They’re some of the smartest brains in the biz.
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