Join Me—Engage Fundraising Conference—
May 9, Philly

Engage Fundraising ConferenceI’m in for this conference, and want to tell you about it before the limited number of seats (just 125) are gone. It’s a first-time in-person conference sponsored by FundRaising SuccessEngage 2013: A FundRaising Success Case Study Conference.

You may be wondering why a marketer like me is so enthused about a fundraising conference but I know that 1) Many of you wear both hats, and even if you don’t 2) fundraising and marketing must be strong partners, and the better you understand the other half, the better you’ll be able to move your supporters to act.

What’s different about Engage? Lots! It’s:

  1. The only conference built around fundraising case studies. Learn the secrets from Operation Smile, American Bible Society and Human Rights Campaign, plus a kick-butt kickoff session by guru Roger Craver. These real-life how-tos are the best learning there is.
  2. Centered on mixing and mingling. The conference is being kept small so discussion stays inclusive and lively at the networking receptions,  luncheon  and two round table  sessions. My experience at conferences like NTC is that the conversations are what makes the experience. Yes, the content is vital (that’s what gets folks there) but the sustained value is in making new relationships for brainstorming and new opportunities.
  3. Immersive. The all-in-a-day format is so welcome! How much content can any of us take in, and how long can we be away from our everyday to-do lists. This all-in opportunity to give yourself over to new ideas and new people is absolutely refreshing. Take a look at the Engage2013 agenda.

Most simply, if there’s any way you can get there, do it. And if you register now, you’ll get the early bird fee of $295.

I will be moderating round table discussions at the conference, and can’t wait. I’m also a columnist for the wonderful Fundraising Success Magazine, and serve on its advisory board. (BONUS: I urge you to get your free subscription today. Great content and the print format is honestly a nice change!)

Register today for the Engage2013 Fundraising Conference. Early-bird it to save $ and ensure you get a seat!

P.S. Get more peer guidance and inspiration on powering up your messages and your marketing impact with the free Getting Attention Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide.

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