Goin’ to the Nonprofit Marketing Conference, and I’m Gonna Get Smarter

Goin' to the Nonprofit Marketing Conference, and I'm Gonna Get SmarterI’m excited. Taking the next two days to immerse myself in learning something new, and meeting colleagues, at the Cause Marketing Forum here in NYC. Call it taking my brain on vacation.

I always find it incredibly refreshing to get out of the office — away from projects, email, phone, and the blog and e-news, to immerse myself in an atmosphere of learning and new perspectives, or even just a different atmosphere. Somehow the extraction process alone frees up my mind for more imaginative responses to what’s next for Getting Attention and my clients.

Believe it or not, being in transit (on Amtrak, or a plane) does the same for me. My husband suggests that a great way to meet a looming deadline is for me to book a round-trip train ride to DC. Haven’t done it yet but if I calculate the rate of productivity, it’s definitely worth it.

I’ll be sending blog postcards from the Cause Marketing Forum.

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