Pls Join Me to Talk Nonprofit Marketing at NTC Conference – DC Next Week

It’s so good to be back with you.

We arrived home from New Zealand last weekend but, of course, I brought home some evil plane germs (among other souvenirs) and between fighting those and jet lag have been in slow mode! I’ll share more on the trip soon.

But today I want to invite those of you attending this years Nonprofit Technology Conference (a.k.a. 11NTC, which is sold out, but you can still participate online) to join me in the following sessions:

1) Nonprofit Marketing Affinity Group: Thursday, March 17, 11-12:30, Lincoln West, Hilton

100 folks are already signed up for this so we’re going to have some fantastic networking! Don’t miss it.

The Nonprofit Marketing Balancing Act: I have so much to do but have no idea where to start. Join me and my friends and colleagues Katya Andresen, Sarah Durham and Kivi Leroux Miller in this facilitated discussion on competing priorities/balance/time management in nonprofit marketing — where there’s just never enough time or focus at hand.

  • See how your peers are balancing competing marketing priorities
  • Identity what tools or techniques will help you achieve nonprofit marketing nirvana
  • Learn how to succeed at your own nonprofit marketing balancing act

But most importantly, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet others who do what you do (wear the marketing hat, or partial hat), share experiences and forge some great new brainstorming relationships you can carry through the conference and beyond!

2) Weaving Your Marketing Loose Ends into a Strong, Tight, Powerful Plan (11NTCweave): Saturday, March 19, 1:30-3, Georgetown West, Hilton

If your marketing and fundraising campaigns are a big pile of loose ends, or just too many loose ends that are a barrier to marketing impact, you aren’t alone. That’s how most nonprofits operate.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the right approach or one you have to live with. Join us — Tara Collins, Communications Director, Watershed Agricultural Council; Kivi Leroux Miller; Karen Secular, Director of Communications, Arnold Gold Foundation; and me — to learn how to knit all the pieces of your marketing and fundraising — online and offline — into a strong, tightly-woven plan that produces concrete results. We’ll begin the conversation then open it up for Q&A, counting on drawing on the wisdom of the crowd!

Session Takeaways:

  • See what pieces of your plan need be tightly knotted together, and what’s okay to leave hanging on its own.
  • Review a tested marketing plan template that you can start filling out right in the room
  • Explore how other nonprofits are making their websites, email, social media, direct mail, word-of-mouth, and PR work together to become far more than the sum of their individual parts.

Hope you’ll join us. Successful integration of all of your marketing efforts – cross-channel and with fundraising communications — is the first step to connection, which is the path to conversion!

For those of you who won’t be at 11NTC, I’ll blog out on key conversations asap! Please share questions you’d like addressed in either session.


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