Some Great Ideas & Inspiration from Marketers & Fundraisers at NTC — Wish You Were Here!

Some Great Ideas & Inspiration from Marketers & Fundraisers at NTC -- Wish You Were HereI had the pleasure of co-hosting a meet-up for nonprofit marketers & fundraisers here at NTC (NTEN's mind-blowing annual conference) yesterday afternoon, along with nonprofit marketing guide Kivi Leroux Miller.

Running in the room 5 minutes before blastoff I was thrilled to see over 100 folks raring to go. We were a bit astonished but quickly got folks talking cocktail party style before we started the peer-to-peer Q&A. Here are the top 3 take-aways I got:

  • How to generate and work good storytelling
    • Show prospective storytellers how to do it (your donors, volunteers, program participants, clients), and tell them what your org's going to do with the stories. Will motivate and focus folks.
    • The Me Not Meth campaign launched some demo videos to model what the campaign was asking former meth addicts to do — create home-made videos of their own stories. That broke the barrier and drove video submissions. Even better, they had the budget to blanket selected geographies with billboard advertising inviting storytellers to participate.
    • Re-purpose the stories you have for different channels. Survey input can work as testimonials (if you have name, title, org). Video outtakes can become profiles.
    • Thank your storytellers and subjects.
  • Don't jump into Twitter or even Facebook till your Web site, SEO, e-alerts and blog are everything they can be! Web site is home base. Still few examples of traditionally successful social media campaigns.
  • Mobile fundraising — Still evolving. Expensive to launch & support a program. Key takeaway –  start collecting cell numbers now! They're usually good for the long term.

More to come. Just trying to get my brain and fingers to catch up with my ears!

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