Beam Me Up, Scottie–Already Discovered a Mind-blowing Communications Tool At Nonprofit Technology Conference

Beam Me Up, Scottie--Already Discovered a Mind-blowing Communications Tool At Nonprofit Technology ConferenceArrived in New Orleans to balmy breezes and a surprisingly robust scene — lots of tourists strolling around, lots of biz conferences in play. According to another Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) attendee, this is a huge change from just a year ago. I’m so glad to see it.

What’s strange is that in the French Quarter — which adjoins the conference hotel — you can barely see a sign of Katrina, other than a mention here or there. I hope to have a chance to travel out to the 9th ward and St. Bernard Parish later today to see the real story.

Great Conference Design — Helps Nonprofit Attendees Make Wonderful Connections
This conference seems marvelously designed to facilitate connections, not just the traditional conference us-to-them type learning. Last night I ate with a bunch of folks who are helping local nonprofits in this morning’s Day of Service. My partner Roshani Kothari of and I will help guide the Common Ground Clinic to integrate its offline and online communications efforts for higher-impact marketing.
More on that later.

Incredible, Free, Easy-to-Use Tool for Filming Quick Videos — With Your Cell Phone– That Automatically Stream to Your Blog, Web Site or a News Venue:  QIK
Over dinner (remember there are some real geeks here, who can’t take a minute away from the latest and greatest tech tools — but we need them), Chris Parandian of MobileFuture.Org videoed the lively conversation and showed us how it works.

Here are some ways you can put live to work, simply, easily and cheaply:

  • Interview key players in your issue arena at legislative sessions, protests or community meetings.
  • Play investigative journalist and show what shouldn’t be happening. Think humane society capturing the inhumane treatment of the cattle in Texas recently.
  • Capture imagery, conversations or happenings where ever you are to share live with external audiences or with your colleagues in an internal blog or wiki. Or even news from the field when you’re out with a grantee, program staff or at a conference.
    • Sometimes nothing’s better than seeing something live (I love to photograph great nonprofit marketing when I see it, and this kind of capture will make the outtake to you even stronger when there’s action involved).
  • And, of course, live stream whatever you take for external audiences to your Web site home page or blog.   

Just remember, you don’t want to go more than a minute or two with these.

Right now the QIK service is free, as long as you have the right cell phone and data service plan from your provider. Jump on it, experiment with it and share it with your colleagues. This has a lot of potential.

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