Let’s Meet! Nonprofit Technology Conference (#13NTC)

Say hi at #13NTCI’m thrilled to be back at NTC (the Nonprofit Technology Conference, this year in snowy Minneapolis) along with 1,500 other nonprofit peers. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity, both formally via the many sessions and informally (my fav) through hallway conversations and over cups of coffee.

If you’re here, I hope you’ll say hello, even if you just have a moment! A great time and place to meet is after the Marketing-Fundraising Meet & Greet Session (Thursday 1:30-3 in Marquette IX). Let’s meet or catch up then.

If you’re not headed to NTC, I’ll be reporting out on these and other sessions this week and next!
5th Annual Marketing & Fundraising Meet & Greet #13NTCmeet
Thursday, April 11, 1:30-3 pm—Marquette IX

Join me and gal pals Kivi Leroux Miller, Katya Andresen and Farra Trompeter—together with a room full of expert practitioner peers—to share strategies for staying sane, savvy and successful!

You’ll finish with some fresh approaches to your daily to-do list and a new set of brainstorming partners (and folks to vent to when needed). Hope to see you tomorrow, and please spread the word.

Connect the Dots: Crafting the Arc of Powerhouse Campaigns  #13NTCdots
Friday, April 12, 3:30-5 pm—Symphony IV

Please join me and  Samantha Stanley of ForestEthics, Jeanette Russell of Salsa Labs and Maureen Wallbeoff of Firefly Partners to learn the value and how-tos for shaping your advocacy and fundraising campaigns around a story arc.

This case-study-based session kicks off with a discussion of ForestEthic’s campaign against the tar sands oil pipeline in Canada. We’ll dig into the key elements of that campaign arc to showcase a proven method and tactics you can use in your campaigns—no matter the focus—and move on from there. Eager to hear your recommendations and experiences!

Here are just a few of the other sessions I’m looking forward to. 
FYI, my learning goal is always to get some insights that I don’t usually read about or practice.

Building Movements: Beyond Emails, Campaigns, and Organizations #13NTCmvmt

Search for Success: Understanding the Basics of Online Paid Search and Display Ad Campaigns #13NTCpaid

Technology as the Circulatory System: Tackling Poverty Through Technology #13NTCcirc

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